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Garage Door Repair, Replacement & Installation Services in Lake Zurich, IL

MH Garage Door a trusted name in garage door repair, replacement, and installation for residential and commercial properties in Lake Zurich. Our local technicians can address any problem, no matter what type or brand of garage door you have. From free estimates to 24-hour support, to prompt same-day service, our team can help you every step of the way.

Garage Door Repairs in Lake Zurich

Overhead garage doors can run for thousands of cycles without a problem. But after opening and closing reliably for extended lengths of time, things can start to go wrong. Sometimes you'll notice a subtle noise or the door running slowly or reversing for no reason. We can find and fix the problem and repair a broken cable or spring.

A stuck door doesn't mean the end of its life. We can find the cause, and even repair a running motor that doesn't stop or an unresponsive keypad or remote control. If a garage door section is sagging or severely damaged, we can find a way to repair it at a reasonable cost. We're always available in case of an emergency, whether you need a track adjustment, or your garage door opener looked at.

Garage Door Replacement in Lake Zurich

Replacing a garage door is never an easy decision. You need a contractor to help you decide if replacement is necessary and to choose the best options. Our company can help you find a suitable replacement for your home and quickly determine whether your slow or shuddery garage door can be salvaged.

If your garage door grinds when opening or closing, or makes crunching or banging sounds, it may be more affordable over the long run to replace it. Replacing your garage door provides the opportunity to select from different types and styles. We install wood, fiberglass, and steel doors and can include accessories such as windows and different handle types.

Replacing your door can save on additional repairs; it can also protect your home from would-be intruders.

Garage Door Installation in Lake Zurich

Our installation service in Lake Zurich is second to none. Our technicians are trained to provide the best service possible and manage the heavy parts and equipment needed to safely complete a garage door installation. We'll provide you with a free estimate, so you know exactly what to expect.

The newest garage doors are designed with safety in mind. They are reliable and efficient, using less electricity to run and incorporating insulation and weather stripping to protect your garage and home from the elements. Seasonal weather in Vernon Hills can be quite harsh. The protection we install keeps your garage door running in all conditions, so you can get into and out of your garage with ease.

Whether you're moving into a new home or have selected a new garage door as an upgrade, MH Garage Door Inc. can help improve your home's curb appeal and increase its value. You can also benefit from reduced maintenance and downtime. In addition, a new garage door with the latest insulation and weather stripping can avoid the cost of repairing water and mold damage plus higher energy bills due to leaky doors and seals.

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MH Garage Door Inc. offers estimates at no cost and $25 off on service calls. We can reach your Lake Zurich home or business on the same day so repairs don't have to wait. Contact us today to discuss your garage door needs; 24-hour live support is available to address your project or emergency.

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