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MH Garage Door Inc. also provides its Chicagoland customers top notch and reputable electric automatic gate installation, repairs and service should your automatic gate be malfunctioning.

MH Garage Door Inc. is Chicagoland's electric automatic gate installer. We guarantee that our professional mechanics and top-notch technicians will install your automatic gates right the first time, using only the best equipment and tools. We can customize the style of your gates, depending on the type and functionality you are looking for; whether you are hoping to have electric automatic gates installed across your residential driveway, an industrial business estate, an apartment complex or to help fence off a swimming pool, you have come to the right place. MH Garage Door Inc. is your Chicagoland partner when it comes to all types of gates. Our electric gates are installed with ball bearing hinges on rollers, that can swing inwards, outwards or slide sideways, depending on your preference.

MH Garage Door Inc. is also skilled at installing the electric automatic gate control systems. Our systems operate using infrared beams and remote-control access; we even have GPS location sensors available for those wanting their gates to open when they sense their car approaching. At the touch of a button from inside your home or from inside your car, your electric automatic gate will open and close safely.


MH Garage Door Inc. is at your service 24/7 days a week, 365 days of the year, come rain or shine. If you find that your electric automatic gate is in need of repair; it could be something simple like your remote control not working or if your gates are well and truly beyond repair, we will install a brand-new system for you with same-day service.

MH Garage Door Inc. is well-known in the Chicagoland area for its solutions and dedicated mechanical team who will be dispatched in an instant, should we find that your automatic gates are malfunctioning due to a mechanical error.

If your remote-control fob is not operating or the gates are not opening, Contact us right away! We can either dispatch someone to your property to resolve the issue or we can remote-in to your electrical system in an instant.

MH Garage Door Inc. has the tools, knowledge and skilled mechanical personnel on-hand to service and repair all major brands, including customized gates.


1. Increased Privacy: installing electric automatic gates can help to increase the privacy of your home or business and prevent prying eyes and nosy neighbors from looking-in.

2. Guest Control: you will be able to easily identify who is on your property at any given time; installing electric automatic gates gives you that control over who passes onto your property.

3. Convenient: electric automatic gates are much easier to operate than manual gates that require someone to get out of their vehicle to unlock and then open and close a gate. With electric automatic gates, you can open and close your gate from inside the comfort of your home or from inside your vehicle.

4. Enhanced Security: electric automatic gates act as a deterrent to criminals or otherwise unsuspecting, unwanted guests.

Whether you are looking for an improved element that will help your current automatic gates to function better now or you need an entirely new system, look no further than MH Garage Door Inc. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation or quote for installation, repairs or service.

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