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Broken Garage Door Springs Repair & Replacement

Garage door springs hold the weight of the door as it opens and closes. There's a great deal of stress with each cycle, so eventually you will need to change the springs to maintain your garage door system. MH Garage Door Inc. is a company to trust for prompt, affordable service when you have a broken garage door spring. Our local contractor can quickly and safely restore operation and provides:

Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door opens only part way, the door seems heavy, or the cables are loose, you may have a broken spring. A torsion spring may have a visible gap in its coil. Other signs of a spring problem include a crooked door, jerky motion, and a loud bang. It takes less than a second for the spring to unwind. If you don't seek immediate repairs, the garage door may collapse on itself.

We can fix these issues before things get worse. Our technicians are conveniently dispatched near you so they can check the cause of any problem and fix it. They are highly trained in repairing any type of garage door, whether it has torsion or extension springs, and can restore its function and your peace of mind.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Replacing a worn or broken garage door spring is usually the only option. You can count on our technicians to quickly replace parts. Compared to many types of garage door service, replacing springs is relatively cheap. But since the springs affect virtually every aspect of garage door performance, the cost is well worth it

If you're not sure whether you have a garage door spring problem, call MH Garage Door Inc. and we'll send technicians to your home for an inspection. We can replace springs quickly because our trucks are equipped with common replacement parts. That means if you have evidence of a problem or notice a broken or sagging spring, it can be replaced right away.

Garage Door Spring Installation

Our contractors can install the newest, most durable, and safest garage door springs. At MH Garage Door Inc., we offer complete all-in-one installation services, so you get the correct springs for your garage door. Employing the proper tools and equipment, our technicians can make sure each spring is properly attached and fully test it.

Any necessary adjustments will be made on the spot. This can be done quickly to ensure the proper tension and that your garage door works as it was designed to. When we install a new garage door, we include the springs. You can therefore rely on MH Garage Door Inc. to meet all your needs and ensure the functionality, longevity, and safety of your garage, as well as your home.

Call for Affordable Garage Door Spring Service Near You Today

Our company provides fast and effective garage door spring repair and replacement. Never try to fix or change a spring on your own. We're a trusted local contractor that can ensure your satisfaction and safety. For low-cost, dependable garage door spring repair near you, call us today to request immediate service.

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